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Remember YourSelf Massage

Remember YourSelf is a destination in the HEART of Historic Old Town Winchester, Virginia. It is fueled with positive energy and one crazy thought: To Put YourSelf First for once! I know … can you imagine? Our entire purpose is to give you, yes you, an escape from your entire life while you are here. Come experience true natural healing inside our two therapy rooms as your body lets go of stress. You can finally take a nice deep breath and feel freedom from the demands of life. We help bring relief to chronic pains, structural misalignment, disease, accidents and trauma. After your session we work with you to promote “self healing” to fully enrich your life.

Once you get back in touch with YourSelf with Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Energetic Healing,  you will be ready to start your journey.

Select from a large variety of items that set sacred space in your home. Wander through our shop and check out our crystals and healing gemstones, jewelry, art, music, incense, homemade soaps and oils, recycled books, and more! 

Then following this delightful time you can fulfill your need for community with wonderful conversation with our staff. We love to refer you to local events, classes and people that may offer you the skills to Remember YourSelf. Please come check out a local hub of inspiration and healing. 

We have a Meditation Group that meets every Thursday night at 7pm that is open to the public, we just ask for donations to cover the cost of heat/electric/water. In addition to the Meditation Group, we offer other Workshops and Classes and have frequent Art Shows and  Open Houses! 

Please go to our Facebook page for daily updates of our events in our studio space at 16 South Braddock Street- one door north of our shop.